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The Professional Pathway

Start your journey with the HTSA.

From volunteer work to initial teacher training to senior leader development, we offer a range of professional development within the backdrop of a nurturing and committed community of Hackney schools. We aim to support and develop teachers at every level via a comprehensive range of courses delivered by a network of committed experts. View the full Professional Pathway



→ On the job training through a post-graduate Teacher Apprenticeship with PGCE and QTS


Are you a graduate looking to take your first steps into teaching? Train with the Hackney Teaching Schools’ Alliance and get your career off to a strong start with our post-graduate teacher apprenticeship, and continue your journey along our professional pathway with some of Hackney’s most successful schools.

The HTSA is a long standing, supportive partnership of 14 schools incorporating nursery, primary, secondary and specialist provision. The alliance is steered by our executive board which is comprised of two outstanding National Teaching Schools, Kingsmead Primary School and Clapton Girls' Academy, and an outstanding National Support School, Stormont House School. Along with our network of partnership schools we work to improve the quality of teaching and leadership through effective collaboration and personalised support. Who we are

Why train with us?

We offer a structured training route going beyond Initial Teacher Training all the way to senior leadership. Our high retention of teachers based on our reputation for excellence in Initial Teacher Training, and many of our former trainees are now successful teachers in our schools. 

The schools in our network are diverse and we carefully match trainees with their placement school to ensure a successful fit and outcomes for each trainee and the class they are placed in. While you gain invaluable experience in the classroom, you will be supported by knowledgeable experts from within our schools who will mentor you towards Qualified Teacher Status and your PGCE.  

Our apprenticeship is a school-led, employment-based route which means that you will earn the inner London Unqualified Teacher’s salary (from £22,237) during your training and there are no tuition fees to pay, as they are met by the apprenticeship levy.  

We offer a supportive local network lead by specialists with expertise in teacher development and the opportunity to access additional high-quality professional development through our tailor-made HTSA training programme, which is designed to complement the course elements lead by London Metropolitan University, our partner university.  

We work in partnership with London Metropolitan University (LMU) to offer highly successful post-graduate Primary Teacher Apprenticeships.

What you can expect: 

  • Fortnightly face-to-face training sessions at LMU’s Holloway Road campus in Islington, combined with school-based off-the-job training, which makes up 20% of the overall course. 

  • An on-line reflective portfolio for academic assignments, which allows evidence-building for QTS and EPA (End Point Assessment). 

  • Access to the University’s facilities, e.g. the university library, resources, Students’ Union, student support services and campus facilities. 

  • LMU’s Focus on the London Context: Training designed to meet the needs of apprentices working in London schools. 

  • A course that is underpinned by the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). 

  • Professional and academic support from a highly experienced team of tutors, all of whom are ITT professionals. Tutors make regular visits to observe and ensure that trainees are on track. 

  • Quality Assurance from the university’s ITT team, to advise and ensure that individual school programmes are viable and compliant. 

UCAS is open for applications to teacher training routes for the 2020/21 academic year. Please apply soon before places fill up.


Potential applicants are required to be employed as an unqualified teacher on a full-time basis and paid from £22,237.

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“I will be taking a lot of the lesson and activity ideas back to my classroom”

Thought provoking and supportive ←

The Hackney Teaching Schools’ Alliance NQT programme is a successful professional development opportunity for newly qualified primary teachers.

The programme will equip primary teachers from a wide range of training providers to work in inner London schools. Our NQT Programme draws on the experience of expert practitioners, meeting the needs of new teachers through a range of practical input. Sessions are lively, thought-provoking and supportive with demonstrable impact.

Who is the training aimed at?

Newly Qualified Teachers at primary phase

What is the duration of the training?

1 full day session every half term and 1 twilight session every half term

£900 for alliance members including appropriate body (all members get one free place).

£1100  for non-alliance members including appropriate body.


→ Successful Classroom Practice.

The Hackney Teaching Schools’ Alliance is offering this practical course for primary teachers in their second or third year of teaching to ensure that after completion of their NQT year, they are supported to hone their classroom skills and develop as exemplary practitioners.

By harnessing the professional learning techniques we know impact most in the classroom; peer observation, self-reflection and collaboration, teachers will work together to explore best practice, define what successful teaching and learning looks like and embed this in their classrooms.


Primary teachers in their second or third year of teaching who demonstrate the ability to become highly effective practitioners. You must demonstrate a strong commitment to improving your classroom practice and to professional development. We will only accept teachers who are willing to be reflective, to collaborate and to open up their classrooms to their peers and to SLEs. Teachers attending must be willing to summarise the impact of their learning for a presentation to a panel of senior HTSA staff who lead on Teaching and Learning.

This is a six part course is taught via three live sessions with three gap tasks in between.

Participants will cover the following as well as much more:

  • Building a positive climate for learning

  • Understanding the learning journey

  • Responding to the needs of learners

  • Harnessing formative assessment throughout lessons

The last live session will be presented by the author of ‘Teaching Backwards’ - Mark Burns. Drawing upon the learning from his bestselling publication, it will focus on unpicking, analysing and then most importantly providing time for teachers to apply ‘thinking steps’ to planning for progression through a module of learning or topic. The day will finish with presentations based on the impact of the learning taken place to a panel of senior HTSA staff.

HTSA members are entitled to one free place.. £600 for additional HTSA members. £900 for non-alliance members.

“The action and impact process has allowed me to thoroughly plan my lesson to have an outcome thought out.”

Middle Leader

The Middle Leader Programme ←

The Hackney Teaching Schools’ Alliance is delighted to offer this highly interactive and practical programme for teaching staff in middle-leadership roles. By identifying and developing the skills and qualities required for effective leadership in schools, participants are given the tools to manage, lead, and inspire their teams – now and in the future.

Who should Attend?

Teachers currently in, or potentially moving into middle leadership roles. We are looking for the high-performers of the future. If you believe you have the ambition, commitment, confidence, passion and courage to face the challenges of management and leadership in our schools, we encourage you to apply. If you want to encourage a culture of healthy challenge, celebration, high-achievement, emotional intelligence and trust in school, this is the programme for you.

From Autumn 2019, our course will be delivered in partnership with the UCL Institute of Education and will result in the university awarding a certificate of completion to successful participants.

“Inspiring, motivational – useful for many aspects of life – enjoyable and dynamic.”

Every Child Counts

→Maths Intervention Programmes

Kingsmead Primary School is an accredited local provider of the innovative and highly effective Every Child Counts (ECC) Teacher and TA led Mathematics catch up intervention programmes. These programmes were developed and are quality assured by Edgehill University.

Since September 2008 the Every Child Counts Mathematics intervention programmes have successfully supported over 150,000 children who were significantly below expected attainment to catch up with their peers and continue to make excellent progress learning Maths in class. Children have made average gains of between 13 and 17 months progress in about a term. 

Kingsmead with HTSA offer the full range of ECC Mathematics programmes delivered by Garry Minto, an accredited ECC lead trainer and Primary Mathematics consultant. Garry has been involved in Maths intervention for 14 years and has been training Teachers and TAs in Mathematics intervention for 9 years. He runs the HTSA’s Maths programme for School Direct students and has trained over 90 Numbers Count teachers, and around 400 TAs in the lighter touch 1stClass@Number and Success@Arithmetic interventions.


 ECC provides:

  • High quality interventions which genuinely help children who struggle with numeracy to catch up with their peers so that they can continue to learn alongside them.

  • High quality in depth PD support for TAs and teachers to both deliver the interventions and to understand the mathematical and pedagogical issues well enough to enable them to be more effective teachers of mathematics in any context.

  • High quality professional development to help schools and teachers to raise teaching standards and sustain high achievement for all children.


Numbers Count

Ground breaking teacher led intensive support intervention programme for children who find Mathematics extremely difficult to learn (the lowest attaining 5-6% of children).

Numbers Count is delivered by a trained specialist teacher. Trainees will receive 7 full days of face to face training in their first year and 3 half-day trainer visits wherein they will receive coaching, support and quality assurance of their work. The school is also supported in the best use of the Programme. Teachers can gain accreditation from Edge Hill University after 2 terms as long as the rigorous standards demanded by the university are achieved. 

Numbers Count Teacher’s expertise is developed to the point where they can have a wider impact in supporting colleagues throughout the school, impacting on mathematics standards in all classes.

Over 50,000 children so far have achieved average gains of 17 months progress in around a term from 22 hours of tuition so far substantially catching up with their peers.

 There are two versions:

  • Numbers Count 1 – for children in Years 1 to 3

  • Numbers Count 2 – for children in Years 4 to 6 and beyond


7 days of training, 3 half-day trainer support visits and email and phone support

£2,200 per teacher

Please see flyer for further information

1st Class@Number

TA led, small group Maths interventions for children who need a helping hand catching up with their peers.

1st Class@Number is aimed at specially training TAs to deliver 24-30 half-hour sessions to a group of up to four children.

TAs receive 1 full and 5 ½ days of high quality face to face professional development spread over a term, plus all the specialist resources, lesson plans and guidance they will need to run the interventions, plus email and phone support for a year. We train link teachers from your school too so that they can support the work of the TA. Developing reasoning, problem solving and self-assessment skills are embedded in every lesson.

Children have made average gains of 13 months progress in a term from 24 or 30 lessons with a TA. 1stClass@Number has a huge impact on children’s attainment, on their attitudes to learning, and on TAs effectiveness and self-confidence.

 There are three versions:

  • Becoming 1stClass@Number – for children in Year 1 who need to secure the early learning goal for mathematics. This focuses on developing Number sense around  numbers up to 20, understanding part whole relationships and early place value (teens)

  • 1stClass@Number 1 – for children who need to secure the current Year 1 Programme (typically in Year 2. It works for children in a range of year groups).

  • 1stClass@Number 2 – for children who need to secure the current Year 2 Programme (typically in Years 3+4. It also works for children in a range of year groups)


1 full and 5 half days of face to face PD, email and phone support, resources website access, all lesson plans and specialist resources necessary to run the programme.

£990 per TA

Please see flyer for further information

Success@Arithmetic: Calculation

A choice of two small-group programmes for pupils in KS2 and KS3 who need support with mathematical fluency and written arithmetic.

Success@Arithmetic: Calculation is a TA and Teacher led small group mathematic intervention for pupils in Key Stage 2 (Years 5 & 6) or Key Stage 3 who need support to become fluent in understanding and applying formal written calculation methods. The Programme gives children the deep knowledge of the operations and procedures which enable them to apply effective formal calculation to solving problems confidently.

TAs and a lead teacher (who manages and supports the TAs) are trained together for 2½ days spread over about 7 weeks in both running the programme and adapting it to different children’s needs. Trainees will also explore the deep mathematical and pedagogical knowledge which will allow them to apply their learning to whole class maths teaching.

Success@Arithmetic: Number Sense

As above but for children in Year 3 and 4 who need to acquire the number bond and multiplication fact knowledge as well as the  derivation and deep place value understandings and skills they need to be ready to learn formal calculation.

Children have made average gains of 14 months progress from these programmes in less than a term.

Cost of either programme

5 half days of face to face small group training, email and phone support, resource website access and a full set of guidance booklets lesson plans, and the specialist resources needed to deliver the programme.

£990 per TA and link pair

£250 for an extra TA

£350 for an extra set of resources

Please see flyer for more information

If you would like any further information please contact Garry Minto at: GMinto@kingsmead.hackney.sch.uk

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