School to school support

Specialist Leaders of Education

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Kate Roberts

specialism: primary science

Kate is director of the HTSA and deputy head at Millfields Community School. She has 15 years of teaching experience in 3 different London boroughs. Kate was identified as a leading science teacher when she worked in Haringey.

Following her classroom and subject leadership experience, Kate was a teaching and learning consultant, specialising in primary science for Hackney Local Authority. In this role she lead the borough’s primary science professional development offer and supported a wide range of schools to develop the quality of teaching, learning and assessment in science.

Experienced in providing professional development and passionate about the impact of high quality CPD, Kate worked for the UCL Institute of Education as a Professional Development Leader in primary science. There she also led a programme to develop specialist science teachers in primary schools.

As director of the Hackney Teaching Schools’ Alliance Kate teaches on the Newly Qualified Teacher and Successful Classroom Practice programmes.

  •          Support with planning, teaching and assessment

  •          Subject leadership support

  •         Review and evaluation of practice

  •          Monitoring and feedback to staff/SLT

  •          Curriculum development

  •          Support with science themed weeks

  •          Network building

  •          1:1 support for teachers

  •          Provision of CPD sessions

  •          Support with raising the profile of science

  •          Bespoke support tailored to the needs of your school

School: Millfields Community School



Katherine Turley


Katherine is the Humanities lead in Mandeville Primary School, part of the LEAP Federation. She has recently updated the LEAP Federation History and Geography curriculum so it reflects the enquiry based process. Katherine is working with LEAP leaders to successfully implement and embed the updated curriculum across the federation.

Katherine has lead the HTSA Humanities Forum over the past year and has enjoyed this leadership role. She has worked with two School Direct students and is Year 3 and 4 Phase leader. Katherine studied the humanities at university and takes a keen interest in the subjects in her personal life. 

 Katherine has expertise in:

  • Writing and developing humanities curriculum

  • Developing and improving ways of teaching the enquiry based process

  • Developing and improving ways of teaching chronology, from EYFS to KS2

  • Working with struggling teachers to develop their subject knowledge and teaching skills

  • Creating and leading whole school Black History Month and London History Day schemes of work

  • Humanities planning with students and NQTs

  • Monitoring books and delivering feedback

  • Helping plan and deliver staff meetings for both history and geography

School: Mandeville Primary School



Janne Cornish

specialism: primary english

Janne is the Leader of Learning for English at Kingsmead Primary, where she has been teaching for over 20 years. Part of Janne's role is to support classroom teachers in all aspects of literacy teaching and is instrumental in maintaining accurate and consistent literacy assessment across the whole school. Janne's has an interest in applying assessment to plan for effective targeted teaching in English; to plan for progress. Janne is Reading Recovery trained and specialises in planning literacy interventions.

School: Kingsmead Primary School



Olivia Silver

Specialism: PRIMARY ART

Olivia is long term practising artist, specialising in Visual Arts. She is the Art, DT and Humanities Coordinator at Kingsmead Primary School and likes to spread passion about her subject wherever she goes.

Olivia leads Creativity Week at Kingsmead, in association with the National Gallery project ‘Take one Picture’ and delivers art training to all levels of teaching staff. 

Olivia has expertise in:

  • Supporting Early Years to year 6 in embedding art into cross curricular practice

  • Embedding creativity into the Humanities curriculum

  • Promoting progress in art skills and understanding school-wide

  • Supporting all levels of teaching staff in their creative teaching practices and planning: Experienced teachers, NQTs and School Direct students

  • Making art purposeful, meaningful and easy to manage, via cross curricular or arts focused weeks/days

  • Successfully utilising support staff in Art teaching and learning

  • Planning and delivering staff meetings and INSETs

  • Reducing art spending and resourcing

School: Kingsmead Primary School



Sarah Betney


Sarah Betney is a maths specialist with over fifteen years’ experience of working in schools in Hackney. She is a qualified ‘Numbers Count’ teacher who is currently the Leader of Learning for Maths and joint Year 6 teacher in Kingsmead School. She has lead the maths team through two Ofsted inspections, the last resulting in a grade of ‘Outstanding’ for the school. Sarah has provided maths training to NQTs, teachers and trainee teacher across a number of the alliance schools. She has also played a key role in creating a scheme of work and assessment materials for the new curriculum for KS1 and KS2

School: Kingsmead Primary School



Louise Charles

Specialism: Closing the Gap Cross Phase

Louise is Pastoral Engagement Lead at Clapton Girls’ Academy. She has 7 years’ experience as a middle leader. Her work as Pastoral year group lead in 2017 gave the highest GCSE results that had then been achieved at the academy.  She worked with the year group from year 8 to 11 and she fully understands the changing needs at key transition points in school.  She has experience guiding pupils’ and staff through changes to the curriculum.

A key focus is ensuring effective interventions to support pupil premium students’ both at whole cohort level and strategies for 1 to 1/small group support (and in her most recent year group pupil premium student outperformed the rest the cohort by 1% in English and Maths). 

She now works to support other heads of year in achieving similarly outstanding results.

Louise has expertise in:

  • Managing year groups with a particular focus on assessment for borderline students

  • Identifying key students and implementing bespoke interventions to suit the needs of an individual

  • Managing wider school participation projects to raise students aspiration

  • Promoting cultural competency within school and facilitating staff training on cultural competency

  • Utilising the expertise of outside agencies to support pupil  progress

  • Providing strategies to encourage parental engagement

  • Providing training and coaching for staff in need to behavioural support

School: Clapton Girls’ Academy



Lucy Michaels

specialism: early years

Lucy is an Early Years practitioner with over twenty years of working with young children in various educational settings. Lucy is currently the EYFS Lead at Kingsmead Primary School where she led the Early Years through a very successful Ofsted and achieved ‘Outstanding’ grades for all areas of EY practice at Kingsmead.

Lucy has supported other Early Years leads in many areas including:

  • developing and improving their settings in a range of ways including new assessment and tracking systems to meet the demands of the curriculum

  • developing outdoor learning

  • improving the on-entry assessments for nursery aged children

  • managing and turning around reluctant staff

  • creating creative learning environments

  • creating and monitoring support plans and modelling best practice

Lucy is also part of the our very successful and nurturing School Direct Programme with fellow SLE Lisa Clarke.

School: Kingsmead Primary School



Danielle Hughes

Specialism: EARLY YEARS

Danielle is currently the EYFS lead at Mandeville Primary School, which is part of the Leap Federation.  Danielle’s passion is the EYFS and studied Primary education at Canterbury Christ Church University. She has led the EYFS through lots of change over the past seven years and is always looking for ways to improve and enhance the EYFS. Danielle has led the EYFS through moderations and two successful Ofsted visits. She has provided EYFS training to NQTs, teachers and trainee teacher across a number of the alliance schools.

Danielle can support the EYFS by:

  • Leading Nursery from one form entry to two form entry

  • Managing and supporting staff in the EYFS

  • Developing the EYFS curriculum and structures

  • Creating new planning formats and documents to best support the EYFS

School: Mandeville Primary School



Lisa Clarke

specialism: ITT Primary

Over the past twelve years, Lisa has successfully mentored a wide number of trainee teachers studying a range of teaching courses, such as BA, BEd, PGCE, GTP and SCITT. Lisa has worked with many HEI’s: The University of Cumbria, London Metropolitan, The University of East London, The University of Gloucester and The Institute of Education. In her role as mentor she has supported colleagues through the use of clear support plans and has used the IRIS Connect web-based CPD to move new trainees on.

Lisa leads on our amazing and nurturing School Direct Programme with fellow SLE Lucy Michael.

School: Gayhurst Community School



Tanwen Batchelor

Specialism: PE

Tanwen is Head of PE at Clapton Girls’ Academy and is an experienced middle leader. To increase the provision for PE in her role Tanwen has mentored NQTs, regularly collaborates with external agencies and co-ordinates two successful coaching programmes. Tanwen’s focus has been to raise the profile of high quality PE through curriculum development as well as extra-curricular opportunities. Tanwen has also engaged with the wider benefits of sport for student wellbeing and attendance outcomes.

Tanwen has expertise in:

  • Leading a department through curriculum changes

  • Leading on planning and assessment for the 9-1 GCSE specification

  • Developing new KS3 assessment measures

  • Developing and mentoring staff (NQTs, experienced staff, external coaches, ITT)

  • Contributing to whole school policies

  • Promoting outstanding teaching for learning

  • Liaising with outside agencies to support student progress 

School: Clapton Girls’ Academy



Helen Edwards

Specialism: Business Management

Helen has over 13 years of experience as a School Business Manager/Specialist Leader at Clapton Girls’ Academy. Starting out in her role when Clapton was a Local Authority maintained school. In 2011 Helen saw the school through its business transition to Academy status. Helen has experience of planning budgets, linking them to School Improvement Planning and strategic finance as well as HR management. Part of the building schools for the future project, Helen has a wealth of building work and premises management experience.

School: Clapton Girls' Academy