NQT Programme

Thought provoking and supportive.

The Hackney Teaching Schools’ Alliance NQT programme is a successful professional development opportunity for newly qualified primary teachers.

The programme will equip primary teachers from a wide range of training providers to work in inner London schools. Our NQT Programme draws on the experience of expert practitioners, meeting the needs of new teachers through a range of practical input. Sessions are lively, thought-provoking and supportive with demonstrable impact.


What is the duration of the training?

1 full day session every half term and 1 twilight session every half term.

Who is the training aimed at?

Newly Qualified Teachers at primary phase


Programme and fees

£900 for alliance members including appropriate body (all members get one free place).

£1100  for non-alliance members including appropriate body.


Further enquiries

For further information please contact:

Kate Roberts, NQT Programme lead: kroberts@clapton.hackney.sch.uk

General: htsa@clapton.hackney.sch.uk

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Becoming Outstanding

“I am now Humanities and RE lead in my school, and I have to say attending the Becoming Outstanding Course has really prepared me for the new role.

So thank you for your support during my NQT Year and with the Becoming Outstanding Course - it has helped to gear my teaching career in the right direction.” Priscilla, Becoming Outstanding 2017-2018.

Perfecting classroom skills.


The Hackney Teaching Schools’ Alliance is offering this practical course for teachers in their second or third year of teaching to ensure that, after a successful NQT year, they are supported to hone their classroom skills and develop from good to outstanding practitioners.

By harnessing the professional learning techniques we know impact most in the classroom; peer observation, self-reflection and collaboration, teachers will work together to explore best practice and define what outstanding teaching and learning really looks like. Primary teachers should sign up for the full course. Secondary teachers are invited to attend Session 3 alongside primary colleagues. This session will culminate in a Teach Meet.


A 6 day course – 3 taught sessions

Session 1:  28 February 2018
Session 2:  2 May 2018
Session 3:  June (date TBC)


Session 1: What Makes Outstanding; Starters? - Primary teachers

  • Course overview and commitment required

  • What makes outstanding? – a look at the Ofsted Criteria

  • Teach more , talk less

  • Outstanding starters and questioning

  • Planning an outstanding starter


Session 2: What Makes Outstanding; Differentiation, Plenaries and Quality Feedback? - Primary teachers

  • Inclusion - activities and resources that stretch and challenge children with SEN or more able learners

  • Planning an outstanding differentiated independent activity for the full range of learners in the classroom

  • Outstanding feedback and the use of pupil voice

  • Outstanding Plenaries – the importance of reviewing learning

  • Preparation for Teach Meet


Session 3: Teaching Backwards plus twilight Teach Meet - Primary and Secondary teachers

  • The day will be presented by the author of ‘Teaching Backwards’ - Mark Burns. Drawing upon the learning from his bestselling publication, it will focus on unpicking, analysing and then most importantly providing time for teachers to apply ‘thinking steps’ to planning for progression through a module of learning or topic. 

  • Session 3 will serve as an introduction to Mark’s approach for secondary teachers whilst building on the work of previous sessions for primary teachers.

  • Teachers will need to bring along modules they have planned as well as modules they need to plan.

  • Teachers will finish the day presenting at the HTSA Teach Meet


Session 4, 5 and 6: What will it involve?

  • Observing outstanding lessons in your school

  • Peer coaching with a Specialist Leader of Education


Full Course:          £600 per delegate (HTSA members)

Full Course:          £900 per delegate (non HTSA settings)

Session 3 only:     £100

Teach Meet only:  free of charge


How to book

To attend courses, collaborate with us on school improvement or request bespoke support contact you can contact us on the following:

020 89856641 ext 265


Every Child Counts


Sustaining high achievement for all children.


The Every Child Counts Mathematics intervention programmes are developed and quality assured by Edgehill University with Kingsmead Primary School being the accredited local provider of ECC services.

Since September 2008 Every Child Counts Mathematics intervention programmes have successfully supported over 100,000 children nationally in thousands of schools to narrow and close the gap between themselves and their peers with children averaging between 12 and 17 months progress in about a term. 

Kingsmead with HTSA offer the full range of ECC Math’s programmes delivered by and their accredited ECC Maths lead trainer and NCETM accredited PD Lead, Garry Minto.
Garry Minto has had 12 years’ experience as a Mathematics intervention teacher and 6 years’ experience as a Mathematics consultant and trainer and has trained over 80 teachers in the highly effective Numbers Count Intervention Programme and over 370 TAs and teachers in the lighter touch 1stClass@Number and Success@Arithmetic interventions.


 ECC provides:

  • High quality interventions which genuinely help children who struggle with numeracy to catch up with their peers so that they can continue to learn alongside them.

  • High quality in depth PD support for TAs and teachers to both deliver the interventions and to understand the mathematical and pedagogical issues well enough to enable them to be more effective teachers of mathematics in any context.

  • High quality professional development to help schools and teachers to raise teaching standards and sustain high achievement for all children.


ECC Programmes


Numbers Count

Highly effective intensive support intervention programme for children who find Mathematics very difficult to learn.

Numbers Count is an innovative and highly effective numeracy intervention aimed at supporting the lowest attaining 5-6% of children to catch up with their peers enough to continue to learn alongside them in class. The Programme is delivered by a specially trained teacher. Teachers receive 7 full days of face to face training in their first year and 3 half-day trainer visits where the teachers receive coaching and support and within which their work is quality assured. The school is also supported in the best use of the Programme. Teachers can gain accreditation from Edge Hill University after 2 terms as long as the rigorous standards demanded by the university are achieved. 

Numbers Count Teacher’s expertise is developed to the point where they can have a wider impact in supporting colleagues throughout the school, impacting on mathematics standards in all classes.
Around 40,000 children so far have achieved average gains of 17 months progress in around a term from 22 hours of tuition so far substantially catching up with their peers.


There are two versions:

  • Numbers Count 1 – for children in Years 1 to 3

  • Numbers Count 2 – for children in Years 4 to 6 and beyond


7 days of training, 3 half-day trainer support visits and email and phone support

£2,200 per teacher

1st Class @ Number

For children who need a helping hand to learn mathematics.

1stClass@Number is a light touch small group intervention programme delivered by a specially trained teaching assistant or teacher to groups of 4 children 3 or 4 times a week for 10 or so weeks and enables children to catch up and keep up with their peers.

TAs / teachers receive 1 full and 5 ½ days of high quality resources plus email and phone support plus all necessary lesson plans and guidance and all the specialist resources needed to deliver the Programme. We train link teachers from your school too so that they can support the work of the TA.

So far over 10,000 children have made average gains of 12 months progress in a term from 30 lessons with a TA. When organised well by the school, 1stClass@Number can have a huge impact.


There are two versions:

  • 1stClass@Number 1 – for children who need to secure the current Year 1 Programme (typically in Year 2. It works for children in a range of year groups)

  • 1stClass@Number 2 – for children who need to secure the current Year 2 Programme (typically in Years 3+4. It also works for children in a range of year groups)


3 ½ days of face to face training, email and phone support, resources website access, all lesson plans and specialist resources necessary to run the programme.

£900 per TA


Success@Arithmetic: Calculation

Success@Arithmetic: Calculation is a TA and Teacher led small group mathematic intervention for pupils in lay Key Stage 2 (Year 5 and 6) or Key Stage 3 who need support to become fluent in understanding and applying formal written calculation methods. The Programme gives children the deep knowledge of the operations and procedures which enable them to apply effective formal calculation to solving problems confidently. It’s basically very high quality teaching which can be applied to whole class situations.

TAs from you school and a lead teacher (who manages and supports the TAs) are trained together for 2½ days spread over about 7 weeks in both running the Programme, adapting it to different children’s needs and in the deep mathematical and pedagogical knowledge which will allow them to apply their learning to whole class maths teaching.

Success@Arithmetic: Number Sense

As above but for children in late Year 3, Year 4 and above who need to acquire the number bond and multiplication fact knowledge as well as the m derivation and place value understandings and skills they need to be ready to learn formal calculation.

So far children are making average gains of 14 months’ progress from these programmes in less than a term.



2 ½ days of face to face small group training, email and phone support, resource website access and a full set of guidance booklets lesson plans, and the specialist resources needed to deliver the programme.

£990 per TA and link pair

£150 for an extra TA

Talk 4 Number

Giving a voice to mathematical thinking.

Talk 4 Number is an Every Child Counts mathematics intervention developed by Edge Hill University.  The programme is suitable for:

  • pupils mainly in Years 3 or 4 who need support and encouragement to use and understand mathematical language or to talk fluently about their mathematics; and

  • pupils in Year 3 or above who are in the later stages of learning English as an additional language.

A TA and a teacher share 1 full and 2 half-days of training and receive a huge A3 pack of lesson plans and resources.



2 full days of training for a TA and Link teacher from your school, website access, email and phone support, all the lesson plans, guidance and specialist resources you will need to run the programmer.


Further enquiries

If you would like any further information please contact Garry Minto on the following: 


07505 100 934

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Introduction to CPL


A strong culture of learning.


We offer a range of professional learning opportunities for teachers and school support staff, extending strong learning culture to schools.


We build on initial teacher training and induction by identifying the best teachers and leaders from across our alliance to provide school-based professional learning tailored to meet the specific needs of our schools.


We offer coaching, mentoring and evaluate the impact of professional development across the alliance and offer opportunities for formal accreditation or school-based research.


If you require further information about places on our courses please use the tabs to the left or make an enquiry using the form provided.